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Bilder Weine Feinberg´s

Wines from Israel are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Noble vines such as Shiraz (Syrah) or Argaman, which are increasingly cultivated in Israel, conquer the hearts of wine lovers. In our wine list we show the variety of the different vines and their growing areas. 

Open white wines

Sauvignon Blanc 0.2l  9.50€

Chardonnay 0.2l  9.90€

Riesling 0.2l  8.50€

Bottled white wines

Riesling 0.75l  36.50€

Gewürztraminer 0.75l  43.50€

Rosé wines

Rosé 0.2l  7.80€

Barkan Rosé 0.75l  36.00€

Sparkling wine & Champagne

Berlinsky sparkling wine 0.1l  6.00€

Cremant 0.75l  45.00€

Champagne 0.75l  75.00€

Champ. Rosé 0.75l  80.00€

Open red wines

Kiddush wine 0.2l  8.80€

Merlot Argaman 0.2l  9.50€

Cabernet Sauvignon 0.2l  9.20€

Merlot 0.2l  9.20€

Mediterranean Blend 0.2l  9.80€

Premier Malbec 0.75l  35.50€

Bottled red wines

Syrah 0.75l  39.00€

Table bi Merlot 0.75l  41.00€

Shiraz 0.75l  55.00€

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