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restaurant feinberg´s

... a little piece of Israel in Berlin!

Welcome to restaurant Feinberg’s! Our menu offers you a culinary journey through the deliciousness of Sephardic cuisine. We serve numerous vegan as well as vegetarian dishes. All our dishes are prepared without taste-enhancers, colourants and preservatives, we guarantee the best quality in combination with an authentic taste experience.


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Liebe Gäste,

Aufgrund der Coronabeschränkungen

wird das Restaurant ab dem 02.11.2020

für den regulären Betrieb geschlossen sein.

Sie können jedoch alle Gerichte

zwischen 16:00 und 22:00 Uhr weiterhin

zum Mitnehmen bestellen.

Wir bieten Ihnen dazu 20% Rabatt

auf alle Gerichte! 


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feinberg´s kashrut

Although we have no Mashgiach and open on Saturday, we have committed ourselves to the following: No use of non-kosher animals (we don't use though kosher slaughtered meat). Complete separation of meat and dairy products during the preparation and cooking process. We offer as meat alternative kosher fish and vegetarian meals. Additionally, we offer kosher Israeli wine and beer.



...for further inquiries please use our contact form. 


For same day reservations, please call us on 030-9155-3462

Tuesday to Sunday: 16:00 to 22:00 for TakeAways

Opening hours

Monday: closed

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